Historic Preservation Raises Questions in Brooklyn Neighborhood

By Jenny Rogers

As preservationists and politicians campaign for the official preservation of Bushwick’s architecture, the tension between neighborhood preservation and historic preservation emerge.  Read more of this post


Greens Grow Through Winter in Brooklyn Food Pantry

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By Jenny Rogers

Despite the dropping temperatures and waning harvest season, rows of leafy lettuce and collard greens are thriving in the back corner of a small Brooklyn food pantry’s warehouse-style building.

This will be the first winter for the hydroponic farm at the Emergency Food Pantry at the Child Development Support Corporation, a Brooklyn non-profit focused on child and family services. An indoor farm system in which produce grows in nutrient-filled water, the hydroponic farm will provide fresh vegetables to low-income pantry patrons throughout the winter and spring.

“It’s almost like vegetables are a luxury in certain communities,” Mireille Massac, the pantry’s director, said. “We need to make it a daily ritual.”

When the grant that funded the farm’s construction comes to an end this year, however, the pantry will have to find an alternative way to continue funding the farm, even as need increases and resources decline at food pantries across the city, United Way said. To pantry patrons, however, food delivers both nutrition and dignity in the midst of rough times.  Read more of this post

Cremations on the Rise in Bushwick

The 225-acre Cemetery of the Evergreens has been a part of Bushwick’s funeral industry since 1849. Funeral homes have operated near its entrances for decades. | Jenny Rogers

By Jenny Rogers

When David Martinez began working at Ponce Funeral Home in Bushwick, Brooklyn, more than 30 years ago, he did three cremations per year. This year, he expects to do 80.

Located at one end of the Brooklyn-Queens Cemetery Belt, Bushwick is home to at least eight funeral homes. Over the past decade, the number of cremations has risen significantly as the number of burials has dropped off, workers at funeral homes throughout Bushwick said.

“It’s not the same business anymore,” said Arsenio Lopez, owner of Borinquen Funeral Home. Read more of this post

A Little Comedian

New York City comedian, Sheba Mason, talks about the fun and the challenges of her craft.

Little Comedian: Sheba Mason from Jenny Rogers on Vimeo.

Sheba Mason: “A Little Comedian”

Production by Jenny Rogers

Photo and Audio by Jenny Rogers and Hristina Tisheva